Contractors Oakland

Nothing can be easier when you have a great local contractor in Oakland and we can provide that. You will want a contractor that knows the area and has connections in the area to save you money in the long run. If you pick a contractor that works in another city you are going to encounter a few problems, like the team will never make it to site on time because of traffic, they will pack up early at night to beat traffic. Most of their discounted suppliers if they even have any will not be local so you might have to drive to another city to get the deals you want. They might not care so much about their reputation in a city that is not theirs so that means they might only give you 50% instead of 100%. By picking a PBTP Contractor in Oakland you will have that local connection. Our staff members care about what you think of them and their work ethic and they will pull out all the stops to make sure you tell your friends about how good they are and their continued work ethic. By picking a local company you are also giving back to the community because as a business’s we like to try and sponsor local football teams and events to give something back.

We cover everything from home additions to full house renovations including bathroom and kitchen remodels to new construction builds from the ground up. I am sure whatever construction project you have in mind we can help you out, this is our job to help you make that home renovation project in Oakland a reality.

Not only do we cover residential remodeling projects we have a great deal of experience with commercial renovations. We have outfitted shops and installed commercial kitchens; we have built restaurants and shopping centers. Commercial office buildings have been built using our professional contractor crew in Oakland, when it comes to commercial construction there is not much we have not done.

Should you require a contractor within Oakland we suggest that you pick up the telephone and give us a call to discuss what you have in mind. Our contractors can come out to survey the site and work with you to give you that dream project.