Home & Room Additions

Have you got to the point that you feel you have outgrown your home? It only takes another baby in the family to make you realize “we need more space!” A good option as opposed to moving house especially if you like the area you are in is to have a room addition or attic or basement conversion. This can be pretty inexpensive and give you the room you have been looking for. Our teams here at PBTP Contractor SF have worked on many properties to give the owner the space they desire. This can happen in a few ways, taking an existing area of space in the home that is not used and converting it in to a livable area or taking square footage that is on the property lot and building upon it to give you the desired space you need.

More often than not clients request sun rooms or an extra bedroom to be built with an added bathroom. These types of remodels are pretty easy and they require little disruption to the owners while the work is being carried out. The aim is to make the addition look like it’s always been part of the original structure so it blends in seamlessly unless you request otherwise.

A home upgrade can be anything from a full outside look being changed, this can be a new plaster skim added or new siding being added. This not only gives the home a modern look but it will maintain it for years to come.

Basements are also perfect to turn in to investment properties, if you have all that square footage under your home it can be turned in to a living space for investment purposes. Why posses empty space that is just holding junk? Turn that space in to cash capital and have it generate you income for many years to come, a little investment upfront will guarantee a monthly income of $1000 and up depending on where you live. We have all seen them shows on HGTV of people doing this and cementing their retirement with this safety net, it works! So why buy another property as an investment when you can convert or build an area on your own existing property to house tenants that you can keep an eye on.

We have converted many homes and apartments, we even specialize in commercial properties so if you think this is something that could interest you then please feel free to contact us and our staff members will be happy to discuss it with you.